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It’s August in Baltimore; it’s hot and humid with cicada song filling the evening air and as I write this, there are over 5 weeks remaining of my son’s summer vacation. It’s camp time if ever there was one. Adult sensibilities conjure images of hot days followed by buggy nights and less-than-ideal living conditions, but […]

At Floura Teeter Landscape Architects, every day is Earth Day! We are especially fond of the month of April and take every opportunity to celebrate our commitment to our planet. Here are some of the ways we took part in Earth Month: Megan Maffeo organized Project Clean Stream. An annual event at Floura Teeter, this […]

Just because the ground is covered with snow and the grass is not growing does not mean it is time to forget about your landscape. In fact, the winter months are one of the most important, and often neglected, times of year for landscape maintenance. Dormant pruning (typically December – March) is one of the […]

I love the location of the Floura Teeter office – Charles Street in the heart of Mount Vernon above a great local coffee shop. My daily commute to the office finds me on major north/south city arteries where I can observe a microcosm of current urban life. One particular phenomenon I’ve noticed is a growing […]

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