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This summer Floura Teeter welcomed the opportunity to mentor and contribute to the growth of two landscape architecture students through internships at the firm. Ben Chronister came to us from Penn State University. With more than half of our professional staff hailing from Penn State, we are always open to meeting emerging professionals from that […]

In my studies as a Landscape Architecture student and practicing in a professional setting I have set out to not only design stormwater management facilities, but to innovate the way they function post-implementation. I believe that these facilities should handle stormwater in an aesthetically pleasing manner as well as operate as an interactive element within […]

Technology is a trend developing in parks and streetscapes across the nation both as a way to attract users and to enhance their experience in a time when we rarely go anywhere without our smart phones.  The same way apps are being used to check into the transit or bus schedule to gauge the next departure, […]

Design-Build has quickly become one of the most popular project delivery methods for some of the country’s most complex and sophisticated projects, both in horizontal and vertical construction. According to studies performed by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and The Pennsylvania State University, Design-Build construction and delivery speeds are significantly greater and unit costs, cost […]

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