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That transit hub you use to switch from train to subway, from bus to train, that’s not just a pit stop along your journey. It’s the place where you finish the best novel you’ve ever read. It’s where you go when you’re lost in the city and need to find your way home. It’s the place […]

Back to SchoolLydia Kimball

If you’re a landscape architect, you probably like to read landscapes. But if you thought that reading and learning from landscapes was an activity only professionals could enjoy, you’d be mistaken. In 2011, the Maryland Department of Education introduced a statewide education program called the Maryland Environmental Literacy Curriculum, opening up enormous possibilities for kids […]

Landscape Architects scrape, mold, scale back, and realign spaces. We make adjustments to the land, fulfilling client requests, choosing materials based on prescribed programs, and we create the functional and the aesthetic. Even when the client informs us of budget constraints, we adapt our designs, and we present them with workable solutions. But after all […]

Floura Teeter announced The League for People with Disabilities as the winners of our 2015 Community Grows Here contest in April. Since then we’ve met with League personnel to learn more about their campus, clients, and services. A recent tour introduced us to the League’s fitness center and therapeutic pool where participants dance, lift weights, and […]

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