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Baltimore Red Line Reforestation & Vegetation Control

As part of the Program Management Consultant (PMC) Team for the Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) Baltimore Red Line project, Floura Teeter reviewed, approved, and oversaw the implementation of a Reforestation and Vegetation Control Plan developed by the project’s General Engineering Consultant (GEC) Team for an off-site mitigation location at Cimaglia Park in Baltimore City. The park, adjacent to Colgate Creek, a tidal tributary to the Patapsco River, was once a former proving ground for the Department of Defense and had been neglected through the years. Approximately 1600 linear feet of sensitive stream and riparian buffer, along with floodplain, was almost completely overrun with non-native and invasive species and devoid of a strong native herbaceous foundation.

Using a combination of mechanical and chemical methods, existing invasive species were either removed or eradicated, over the course of the construction period follow up monitoring and spot treatments were used to quickly eradicate any regrowth. Primary invasive species that were encountered include: Ulmus sp. (Chinese / Siberian Elm), Morus alba (White Mulberry), Lonicera sp. (Honeysuckles), Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven), Rosa multiflora (Multiflora Rose), Sorghum sp. (Johnsongrass / Shattercane), Celastrus orbiculatus (Oriental Bittersweet), and Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed). Upon completion of initial vegetation control operations, approximately four acres of native reforestation and meadow establishment was established, along with soil de-compaction operations, and maintained for a period of two years, which included follow-up monitoring and spot treatment of invasive species establishments.

The Red Line was expected to be operational by 2022, but the project was recently shelved.

Project Category: Environmental

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: Maryland Transit Administration

Project Costs: $2.6 billion

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