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BioPark Café Terrace & Park

As landscape architect, Floura Teeter was responsible for the design of the 14,000-square foot public park which serves as a connection between the BioPark campus and café, and an adjacent community park. It is the first in a series of parks planned to provide that neighborhood link.

Inspired by a Japanese company which was the first commercial tenant on the BioPark campus, the site design includes ‘folded’ color concrete retaining walls that evoke the forms of traditional origami. Custom teak benches are incorporated in the walls, with the BioPark logo embedded at several locations. At night, the effect of recessed LED lighting in the wall’s reveal make the lawn panels appear to float above the ground plane. The park includes identifiable space with outdoor dining for the café, and maintains future opportunities to connect to the neighborhood.

Floura Teeter is continuing work in the BioPark to include lighting upgrades, additional streetscape improvements, and new site amenities.

Project Category: Parks & Recreation

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: University of Maryland, Baltimore

Contractor: Whiting-Turner

Project Costs: $400,000

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