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MD 200/Intercounty Connector Contracts A and B

The ICC is a significant new roadway in suburban Maryland creating a much-needed highway connection between Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Seventeen miles of roadway were completed in four phases at a cost of over $2.5 billion. Contracted directly with the builder, Floura Teeter worked with a team of engineers, biologists, and ecologists to produce final landscape plans and construction oversight for 14 miles of roadway.

Goals and concerns for the ICC included:

  • Responding to stringent environmental regulations.
  • Context-sensitive plantings that would be consistent with the original landscape but would withstand the substantial disturbance and post-construction conditions.
  • Plantings to attract wildlife, but also introduce escape/ circulation routes.
  • Accommodating specific wildlife species through ROW monitoring.
  • Developing seed mixes tailored to the varied ecological conditions.
  • Understanding the maintenance capabilities of the Owner to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Floura Teeter brought a significant level of collaboration, coordination, and communication initiatives to the implementation team – resulting in a highly successful project.

Receiving an Honor Award from the Maryland Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (MD ASLA), this project was cited by the jury as “a template, case study, and example of an ecologically sensitive road corridor that all should study and follow.”

Project Category: Transportation

Location: Montgomery & Prince George’s Counties, MD

Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

Contractor: Contract A: Granite Construction; Contract B: Keiwit Construction

Engineer: Contract A: Parsons/Jacobs; Contract B: Parsons

Project Costs: Contract A: $478,700,000; Contract B: $559,700,000

Awards: MD ASLA Honor Award, 2016; ENR Northeast Region Best Overall Project, 2011; Roads & Bridges Top 10 Road Project, 2011; FHWA Award for Exceptional Environmental Stewardship; MdQI Award of Excellence, Environmental, 2011; Women's Transportation Society (WTS) Baltimore, Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award, 2011

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