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The Empowerment Academy: Grey to Green Impervious Removal Project

Floura Teeter collaborated with the Parks and People Foundation and the Empowerment Academy to turn 75,000 square feet of asphalt parking lot into an engaging playground which also treats 100% of the stormwater runoff from the site. Although the project intent is to create green infrastructure from grey, the first task was to create a master plan for the ultimate development of the playground. To accomplish this, Floura Teeter hosted a design charrette with the students of the Empowerment Academy to define the features of the play space. Over 40 children enthusiastically participated to assist in the development of a Conceptual Master Plan. Kaboom! donated play equipment to the project which was located by the master plan.

Project Category: Education

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: Parks & People Foundation

Project Costs: $400,000

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