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Community Mediation Garden

Floura Teeter was selected by Community Mediation Program, a non-profit organization that provides free mediation and teaches conflict resolution skills, to design a meditation garden for its Greenmount Avenue headquarters in a project featured on HGTV. Funded by a grant from TKF, a private nonprofit that funds publicly accessible urban green space, the garden features a large circular paved area surrounded by flowering shrubs, perennials, and grasses. A stone seat wall provides an area where people can sit and reflect under a semicircular trellis, while a security fence and gates were crafted from fencing reused from the old Memorial Stadium.

Project Category:
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Mediation Center
Scapes General Contracting

The final design meets the client’s objectives of providing:

A therapeutic garden to help with conflict resolution and mediation.

A space for employees to recharge and reflect during working hours.

An outdoor therapy classroom where students can reflect.

cm-img-1Since bulky air conditioning condenser units are not considered conducive to mediation, it was necessary for Floura Teeter to once again work its magic to disguise an air conditioning unit relocated from its original position. A decorative wooden screen serves to conceal the unit while helping to muffle the sound.

cm-img-3Avoiding the need for future mediation, Floura Teeter creatively problem-solved the issue presented by a wall located at the back of the site that wasn’t owned by Baltimore Mediation Center. By creating a green screen featuring living plant materials, Floura Teeter ensured that even if the wall wasn’t maintained or was removed in the future it would not affect the appearance of the new garden. Additionally, the site had existing drainage conditions that forced the sump pump to run non-stop and brought water into the building. Floura Teeter responded to this by getting rid of the pockets of water that had formed under the site, filling the pockets in and re-leveling the surface. Finally, Floura Teeter addressed traffic noises at the site by incorporating a water feature into the design, providing white noise to drown out unwanted sounds.

cm-img-2Adding function to beauty, the pervious pavement functions as a water collection system. Some of the collected rainwater is diverted into a 350 gallon cistern used to irrigate the landscape during dry conditions, while the rest is sent to recharge the ground water. Collected roof stormwater irrigates a sculptural, planted downspout with overflow water collected in a rain barrel for supplemental watering.

cm-img-4The success of its clients is an overall goal for Floura Teeter. When the Baltimore Mediation Center contacted them to help prepare concept drawings to apply for a grant from the non-profit TKF foundation, Floura Teeter jumped to the challenge, pulling together drawings in under a week. But the fast-track schedule didn’t end there. HGTV wanted to feature the project on an upcoming TV show, so with just a few weeks notice, Floura Teeter helped bring in a contractor to clear up the site, which still had the rubble of a demolished building. The tight turnaround didn’t affect the quality of Floura Teeter’s work. TKF liked the ideas so much that it doubled the amount of the grant money requested so the client could implement all of Floura Teeter’s ideas.

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