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New Market Streetscape

Floura Teeter was responsible for the $6 million streetscape rehabilitation located along the historic Main Street of New Market, Maryland, in Frederick County. By working closely with the community and the Town, Floura Teeter’s design ensured the historic nature of the streetscape was maintained in order to create a sense of place for not only residents but also for visiting tourists.

Accomplishing the much-needed upgrades within the historic neighborhood context was the principal design goal of the streetscape improvements. Floura Teeter’s scope of work included streetscape design, planting design, hardscape and site wall design, ADA compliance, arboriculture services, community outreach/public relations, enhancing pedestrian safety, and construction administration services.

Project Category:
Streetscape & Urban Design
New Market, MD
Maryland State Highway Administration
Jacobs Engineering
Concrete General

Notable project features include:

Monthly partnering meetings utilized to solve issues were well attended and had strong participation with open communication.

A 100% ADA compliant streetscape design that maintains the historic character of the community.

A 1:1 tree mitigation for existing trees to be removed was far exceeded; providing a greater post-construction mature tree canopy than what was existing pre- construction.

Through proactive community involvement during the construction phase, including monthly partnering meetings and using the information acquired during the inventory phase, Floura Teeter was able to accurately convey and resolve potential home and business owner concerns regarding their private property. This often involved face to face meetings at the affected properties with individual homeowner and business owners. It was this proactive community involvement which allowed the project to be a success and not suffer from many of the community problems similar historic Main Street projects of this scale have suffered in the past.

Due to the historic character of New Market, this project required careful documentation of the existing conditions at all of the residences and businesses. This information included taking inventory and photographs of existing site elements, such as fences, walls, paving, site furnishings, stone edging, landscape planting material, and numerous historic elements (markers, interpretive signage, etc.). This was important information to collect prior to construction. Business owners and residents typically have a difficult time understanding how the proposed improvements will affect their property until construction commences and it becomes a reality. The design team had to address property owner’s concerns regarding construction impacts to their personal property which is often immediately adjacent to the Limits of Disturbance of a Main Street typical to New Market.


The ADA accessible sidewalks have been designed to use brick that matches the color of the existing brick found in the town of New Market. This allowed the designers to keep the historic character along the Main Street. Existing bluestone found throughout the town was salvaged and reused. Changes to the other streetscape elements were also selected to match the historic character of the town.

Floura Teeter designed sidewalk planters and retaining walls, incorporating brick from the walks into the retaining walls. Landscape planting includes a combination of shade and ornamental trees, shrubs, and low-maintenance, drought tolerant groundcover.


Floura Teeter far exceeded a 1:1 tree mitigation for existing trees to be removed; providing a greater post-construction mature tree canopy than what was existing pre-construction. Existing invasive tree species planted within the town’s ROW were removed and replanted with native and/or non-invasive species adapted for the streetscape environment.


Crosswalks, lighting, and sidewalk widths were all improved to provide increased pedestrian safety and security.

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