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Floura Teeter to Transform City Street into Curbside Café for PARK(ing) Day 2015

Can landscape design really transform a city street into a business and bring a community together? We think so! We invite office workers, residents, tourists and other passersby to see for IMG_20140919_104759themselves at our 2015 PARK(ing) Day installation on Friday, September 18 when we will create a temporary outdoor café for neighbor and popular Mount Vernon restaurant, Dooby’s, in two metered parking spaces on Charles Street. The community will be able to gather and relax in a green oasis set up on the bustling city street, and purchase food and beverages to enjoy in the space. Guests can also be part of an interactive art-in-progress project planned for the display by writing or drawing on an oversized chalkboard and colorful “good will flags” which will then be added to the exhibit. This is the seventh consecutive year of PARK(ing) Day participation for Floura Teeter, but its first time partnering with Dooby’s.

PARK(ing) Day is an international event that began in 2005 when art and design studio Rebar converted a single metered parking space into a temporary public park in downtown San Francisco to challenge people to rethink the way streets are used and reinforce the need for broad-based changes to urban infrastructure. Since then, it has grown to include more than 950 “PARK” installations in 162 cities, 35 countries and on six continents.

Floura Teeter president Joan Floura says, “PARK(ing) Day is always a really fun event and a perfect way to showcase the importance of open and green space in urban environments. If only for a day, our installations prove that providing a visual respite from the usual concrete and asphalt views in a city can bring people together and benefit mental and physical health.” She adds, “We hope our designs also ‘plant’ the idea in everyone, from casual visitors to builders and developers, that even a small greenscape can have a big impact.”

The Floura Teeter PARK(ing) Day installation will be set up at 800 North Charles Street and visitors are welcomed from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

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