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Highlandtown Community Association Selected as the 2018 CGH Winner!

Floura Teeter is thrilled to announce Highlandtown Community Association has been selected as the winner of our fifth annual Community Grows Here (CGH) contest!

The Highlandtown Community Association (HCA) is a non-profit organization working to improve the Highlandtown neighborhood by working with residents, business owners and government officials.

HCA has requested Floura Teeter’s assistance to further envision and expand the possibilities of the Conkling Street Garden. Funded by Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc., the Baltimore Community Foundation and the Parks & People Foundation, the Conkling Street Garden is a community-driven, small-plot urban garden. The garden is divided into two parts – a raised, concrete platform and a lower level consisting of garden plots. As part of Neighborhood Lights and Light City 2018, a permanent installation focused on a 40-foot long linear table is being created to activate the raised concrete platform and build upon the sense of community.

Floura Teeter will work HCA and community members to create a master garden plan to provide opportunities for programming and use of under-utilized portions of the site as well as building upon existing layouts of the raised garden plots. The master plan will continue the work being done for the Light City installation and consider incorporation of additional seating areas, storage sheds for tools, fencing, and additional plantings to enhance the current garden and encourage additional community support. The design will be leveraged to seek other funding sources and matching grants to implement proposed improvements. Floura Teeter is excited about the opportunity to support HCA on this project.

In February our fifth annual Community Grows Here contest was launched. Colleagues, clients, friends and family had the opportunity to nominate their favorite local non-profit organization to receive support from us throughout 2018. We received over 800 votes to select the winner; Highlandtown Community association received over 50% of the vote.

For more information about Floura Teeter’s Community Grows Here initiative and to stay up-to-date on Floura Teeter’s work with HCA, visit our website or follow us on our social channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

To learn more about Highlandtown Community Association visit: http://highlandtown.com/mission/.

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