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EcoDistricts ProtocolMegan Maffeo

The EcoDistricts Protocol is a framework for community development and collective impact, and is organized by three overarching imperatives of Equity, Resilience, and Climate Protection rooted in an approach to development that emphasizes a Social, Environmental, and Sustainability lens of focus for understanding of context, opportunities, and interconnectedness. In 2017, Floura Teeter formalized a step […]

Climate positive means creating environmental benefits by removing more carbon dioxide than emitted from the atmosphere. For our final 20 for 2020 list, we are highlighting the ways that Floura Teeter, and all of us, can contribute to the creation of a climate positive environment. If we each do our part – both in our […]

If you have ever visited our office in Baltimore, you may have been greeted with any variety of Oreo cookies. We have tried over 30 different varieties of Oreos coming from all over the world. We are looking forward to when we can return to the office and once again enjoy Oreos together. But for […]

Incorporating artwork into the fabric of a community adds dimension and meaning to outdoor space which makes it both unique and compelling. This month we are highlighting our favorite public art found throughout the cities and communities where we live, work and play. Stay tuned for our next 20 favorite ideas and follow our social […]

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