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Fifteen Years of Partnering: An AppreciationJoan Floura

First FT LogoFloura Teeter Landscape Architects began in a basement with a couple of computers, talent, and a wish to make great landscape architecture. We had a few clients with whom we’d done freelance work but no large database of Outlook contacts. We worked tirelessly to network and get on teams, and eventually that hard work paid off. We earned jobs with architects, engineers, developers, contractors, and government agencies.

When these clients put us on their teams, the first thing Aaron and I told ourselves was “Do whatever you can to be a great team player and make the client’s job easier.” What does that mean? On the surface, it’s simple. Do a great design, make it sustainable, make it low maintenance, and meet the budget. But there’s more too. Do the little things right. For instance, when there’s a meeting, show up on time, preferably early, and be prepared. Visit the site, keep apprised of what’s happening, coordinate everything with other consultants, and as much as you can, go beyond what the client needs to get the job done.

When we did those things, we noticed something important: the projects kept coming—small and large, routine and challenging—and with new projects came growth. We were able to move to an West Franklin Street Office© Lindsay Hite / READYLUCKoffice on West Franklin Street, and, more recently, to an office on Mount Vernon Square. More importantly, we were also able to add staff, expand our expertise into other areas, and offer our clients additional services.

Success followed growth, and with success came mentions in the press, accolades from professional organizations, and awards. Yet Aaron and I know that we could not have accomplished this on our own. We owe these fifteen years of success and growth to our families, our staff, and especially our professional partners. Without those relationships, there would have been no projects and there would be no Floura Teeter Landscape Architects.

That’s why, in this anniversary year, I’d like to extend our warm thanks to all of our partners. Thanks for trusting us, and thanks not only for putting us on your teams but for doing so again and again.

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