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Spotlight on GWWO, Inc./ArchitectsFloura Teeter

FTLA loves our clients and supporting them on their projects. Every quarter we will feature a new client who we are currently working with on one or more projects. This quarter we shined the spotlight on GWWO, Inc./Architects. FTLA is currently working with GWWO on several projects including K-12 and recreational facilities. We interviewed John R. Gregg, AIA, AVS, LEED AP, Associate Principal, to find out more about GWWO.

FTLA: How would you describe your corporate culture?

GWWO: We pride ourselves on having a close-knit firm culture. Ultimately, we think the greatness of our firm is found in our people and in our “family firm” atmosphere. This culture has been nurtured over the years and we are proud that it has been maintained even as the firm has grown. Friendships formed in our office become life-long friendships, not just working relationships. Former employees stay in touch.  Our employees work and play together, inside and outside of the office (on softball and sailing teams, on the golf course, at community events, etc.). We celebrate our successes and are there in bad times, professional and personal. All of this leads to a place where everyone cares about the work and takes pride in the fact that they are important to that work.

FTLA: What are some major industry trends you see today that you expect to affect your business in the future?

GWWO: There is clearly a trend toward the re-use of existing building infrastructure around the region and across the country. As we look to satisfying the future needs of our society through the built environment, we are frequently considering sustainable, and economical ways to provide the needed resources, and this more often includes the use of the existing built infrastructure.

FTLA: If you had to describe your business in one word, what would it be?

GWWO: Awesome!

FTLA: What is the most rewarding project you have worked on?

GWWO: Our work with the National Park Service has to be at the top of the list. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve been privileged to work with our national parks to help preserve some of our nation’s most significant places, including a number of projects right here in Baltimore at Fort McHenry National Historic Shrine and Hampton National Historical Park.

FLTA: Is there anything else you would want people to know about your business that they may not already know?

GWWO: GWWO has grown over the years and many don’t realize that we are 55 people today. We’ve also been recognized as a Best Place to Work by both the Baltimore Sun and the BBJ!

For more information on GWWO, Inc./Architects, visit their website at gwwoinc.com.

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