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Green Network Plan

The Baltimore Green Network Plan is a collective vision for the City to strengthen communities by creating an interconnected network of green spaces throughout the city. The planning process brought together Baltimore City agencies, residents, neighborhood partners and local businesses to transform vacant properties into community assets such as recreation areas, parks, trails, public squares, urban gardens, and farms. By targeting resources towards areas of underinvestment, the Plan will help create new safe and healthy spaces, while supporting economic and workforce development.

In addition, the vision includes a plan to connect the city’s existing parks, water bodies, and natural areas across the whole city with paths for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. These paths will form a network that will provide citizens better access to Baltimore’s park amenities, while also providing a new recreational and non-vehicular transportation network.

Floura Teeter was part of a multi-disciplinary team who worked with the Baltimore City Department of Planning, City residents and non-profit partners to evaluate past and current land uses, analyze extensive GIS data layers, and set priorities for green space connections to create a plan which makes green space available to all residents.

The Network is comprised of nodes – places which represent a convergence of resources, and corridors – linear green resources which connect concentrations of green space. The Plan is envisioned as a tool to enhance ecological resources such as stream valleys and existing parks, but also to promote human interaction with nature by creating green streets, schools and recreational facilities – all close to home.

Project Category: Environmental

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: Baltimore City Department of Planning

Design Team: Biohabitats

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