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Hollywood Commercial District Streetscape

Floura Teeter was commissioned to study opportunities for revitalization in the Hollywood Commercial District. We started with evaluation of current conditions and identification of opportunities for revitalized retail uses, increased pedestrian and bicycle use, and integrated treatment of stormwater management and green space within the Hollywood Commercial District.

Goals for the Hollywood Commercial District include:

  • Visually unify streetscapes.
  • Strengthen connections between the commercial district, adjacent residential neighborhoods, green space, and transportation nodes.
  • Provide a streetscape that is comfortable and safe for pedestrian and bicyclists of all ages.
  • Create environment that attracts retail uses and strengthens existing businesses.
  • Recommend design improvements that enhance and create value for the Hollywood Commercial District.
  • Improve the environmental and public health of the Hollywood Commercial District.

The recommendations to achieve these goals were guided by three themes: Eco Districts, Wellness, and Active Design. The themes were inspired by the current mix of retailers which include Mom’s Organic Market and REI, a school, a greenspace corridor, and playground adjacent to the shopping center.

Floura Teeter also completed 30% design documents for the implementation of streetscape improvements. Working with City staff to plan next steps for the project, the team developed recommendations for phasing where Phase 1 focuses on creating a destination within the Hollywood Commercial District. Phase 1 priorities include construction of the mini-park, unifying the streetscape with the installation of consistent furnishings and creating spaces for residents and tourists to gather.

In addition to the mini-park, the overall design includes widening sidewalks and installing bike racks, benches, and pedestrian scale street lights on Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road; installing gateway signage and/or art elements; planting supplemental street trees and landscaping; improving water quality with integrated stormwater management via micro-bioretention facilities and possibly daylighting a stream currently piped underground; installation of a wellness circuit with outdoor fitness equipment; and improving connections to the surrounding neighborhood and shopping center.

Project Category: Streetscape & Urban Design

Location: College Park, MD

Client: City of College Park

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