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I-70 Bridge Phase 2D

This highway improvement project was the second phase of a massive reworking of the traffic pattern near I-70 in Western Maryland, and included replacing the highway’s bridge and widening the road to three lanes through the Frederick area. The interdisciplinary team for this project followed the Context Sensitive Design Approach, using cues from adjacent site and environmental conditions to inform the design concept.

As the landscape architect on this design-build project, Floura Teeter was responsible for overall planting design, stormwater facility planting, and bridge abutment plantings. Floura Teeter was also responsible for reviewing drawings, providing QA/QC support, and addressing environmental concerns. Due to the proximity of the Frederick Municipal Airport, FAA regulations required that site planting alleviate potential strike hazards by minimizing wildlife movement into or across the approach or departure airspace of the airport. Within these regulations, separation distances were maintained, appropriate seed mixes specified, and a plant palette was carefully selected to avoid attractants. The design included large masses of trees to create naturalistic groupings along the roadway.

Project Category: Transportation

Location: Frederick, MD

Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

Contractor: Corman Construction

Engineer: AECOM

Project Costs: $43,700,000

Landscape Construction Costs: $270,000

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