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Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management, Phases I, II, III

Tasked with creating Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Mapping/Corridor Management Zones within Anne Arundel and Baltimore Counties, Floura Teeter utilized aerial imagery from multiple sources (SHA, Bing, Google Maps), field surveys, and ArcMap GIS to gather all necessary data and materials to define boundaries between the different operational, management, and physical elements and green assets along major highways in Maryland.

This three-phase project started with data collection, followed by field verification using hand held GPS technology, then moved onto the defining of boundaries between various Corridor Management Zones. All the work followed SHA GIS and vegetation management guidelines. The final step was the development of appropriate offsets to determine what vegetation management practices, such as planting, clearing, and/or removal of invasive species, would occur within the various Corridor Management Zones.

This collection of data will assist SHA in the maintenance of the roadway corridor and can be used to identify potential tree planting locations.

Project Category: Environmental

Location: Baltimore & Anne Arundel Counties, MD

Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

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