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Key Highway & Light Street Streetscape

The intersection of Key Highway & Light Street is an existing signalized intersection connecting the south Baltimore neighborhood of Federal Hill to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Floura Teeter Landscape Architects along with the engineering team have designed a safer, more pedestrian friendly intersection with the intent of greatly reducing serious accidents and improving both pedestrian and bicycle circulation.

Floura Teeter has been scoped with the overall streetscape concept, landscape design, community coordination, and inclusion of public art. Existing paving patterns and character of the historic Federal Hill neighborhood have been incorporated into the design, which includes the most modern environmental site design (ESD) practices to create an intersection that is functional, safe, and sustainable while preserving the historical character of Federal Hill. Existing impervious areas have also been eliminated along Key Highway to increase infiltration and reduce runoff within the Chesapeake Bay critical area, as well as an increase in the overall quantity of street trees along the corridor.

Project Category: Streetscape & Urban Design

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: City of Baltimore Department of Transportation

Engineer: STV

Project Costs: $7,000,000

Landscape Construction Costs: $250,000

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