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MS4/TMDL & BMP Retrofits

MS4/TMDL BMP Retrofits in Washington County – Group 1 consists of the design and retrofit of seven existing SHA stormwater management facilities. Retrofits include upgrades of various facility components within the seven sites. As an accepted TMDL implementation strategy, SHA will be addressing opportunities to retrofit existing structural stormwater management facilities to provide water quality management for unmanaged impervious areas under the new MS4 Permit and enhance pollutant removal efficiency of the facilities fulfilling TMDL obligations.

Retrofit designs modify and update the facility design by providing water quality control and bringing the facility into compliance with current safety and maintenance standards to the maximum extent possible given the existing site constraints. Floura Teeter provided arboricultural, tree/forest impacts and permitting, and landscape architectural design services.

Floura Teeter, in coordination with the lead engineer, provided preliminary through advertisement complete contract documents including design drawings, plans, specifications, and estimates for stormwater management landscape planting and reforestation design. Forest impact plans were also prepared based on field investigations and quantify impacts. Floura Teeter coordinated with SHA’s OED Division and Maryland DNR to ensure all Maryland Roadside Tree Law commitments have been met as identified in the project RFP.

Landscape design services provided by Floura Teeter include all services required for forest impacts plans, roadside tree permitting, stormwater management and reforestation landscape design. Floura Teeter conducted field investigations and site visits to determine and identify specimen or significant trees and provide general forest characterization information for each forest stand, identify habitat enhancement opportunities, and invasive species within the seven sites.

Project Category: Environmental

Location: Washington County, MD

Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

Engineer: Jacobs Engineering

Project Costs: $350,000

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