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Stadium Place Entry Plaza

Located at the former site of Baltimore’s storied Memorial Stadium, this one-acre park serves as the entry to the newly developed Stadium Place Community. The park offers a shared space where people from an 80-year-old neighborhood can meet up with their new neighbors: a recently developed senior-housing community, a YMCA, and an avenue of retail shops.

Visitors enter the park from the south on 33rd street, passing through a gateway flanked by rows of ornamental trees. Once inside, they may choose between one of two brick perimeter walkways offering strolls beside raised planting beds with benches at which to stop and rest. Other visitors may forego the choice between paths and step directly onto the lawn, drawn forward by a variety of architectural elements on the north side of the park: a bell tower, semicircular arbor, and a unique stone labyrinth.

Project Category: Healthcare

Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: TKF Foundation

Project Costs: $500,000

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