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The National Clean Water Act requires states to establish a list of impaired waters and develop projects to help reduce pollutants and nutrients from entering their streams and tributaries. Scientists calculate the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) any given watershed can absorb. As part of an overall effort to improve water quality in local waterways, SHA is undertaking a multi-million dollar tree planting effort to reduce TMDL and comply with this mandate.

Floura Teeter was chosen to select and design tree planting locations throughout Maryland. The site selection process involved desktop evaluation through ArcGIS and GIS software of 700 sites for potential planting locations in multiple counties including Baltimore and Harford Counties.  Once identified, field investigations were performed for each potential site which included confirming land uses, defining access routes, identifying constraints and documenting existing native and invasive species.

Floura Teeter prepared planting plans for 300 selected sites. Designed in a random reforestation pattern mimicking successional forest types, mixes include understory, canopy and evergreen trees with native herbaceous meadow seeding groundcover.

Project Category: Environmental

Location: Baltimore & Harford Counties, MD

Client: Maryland State Highway Administration

Engineer: RK&K

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