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Environmental Site Design

Environmental site design (ESD) can mean different things to different people. In its broadest interpretation, ESD refers to design that takes a cue from the existing environmental areas. However, it has also come to be synonymous with stormwater management practices and requirements; specifically, the use of non-structural or biological systems to treat stormwater.

At Floura Teeter, we are versed in all the nuances of ESD, including the more stringent regulations that have emerged over the last several years. We have a 100% LEED accredited technical team with extensive field experience and a SITES Accredited Professional with a deep understanding and passion for the creation of sustainable landscapes and communities. We also have ISA-Certified Arborists on staff whose field botany skills uniquely inform our designs, allowing us to make ecological connections between natural areas as well as assess individual trees.

What does all this mean to you?

  • Floura Teeter provides a full array of ESD services, from evaluating existing trees, soil and environmental conditions to arboricultural services and wetlands delineation, and compliance with stormwater management and tree planting requirements.
  • With most projects now requiring ESD to the maximum extent practical, Floura Teeter can apply the latest best practices, from using rain gardens and vegetated swales to dissipate and treat water locally (micro-bioretention) to a whole suite of practices including constructed wetlands for larger bioretention facilities.
  • Beyond simply meeting requirements, we integrate ESD and stormwater management into the site design, enhancing the overall aesthetic while also offering educational opportunities in addition to practical benefits.
  • Our technical expertise with plants, trees and soil results in landscape design that’s more easily maintained and viable over the life of your project.

Explore our portfolio or contact us today to learn more about our ESD experience.

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