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Urban Design

Designing projects in an urban context presents unique challenges, but also unique opportunities. Floura Teeter has the experience to understand and respond to both. And as a business located in major cities, we’re dedicated to design that celebrates all the benefits of urban living and working.

We’ve worked with architects and developers, and public and private clients, on a broad array of urban design projects. We’ve successfully implemented concepts like transit-oriented design and Complete Streets, which allows cars, pedestrians and bicycles to all safely share spaces.

So whether you’re building a retail or hospitality project, a healing garden or school, or a mixed-use project with a combination of features, Floura Teeter has not just the knowledge, but the perspective to make your urban project a success.

What does all this mean to you?

  • Because we know what type of challenges to expect in an urban environment, from degraded soils to underground utilities, we can better plan and design solutions to avoid unwanted surprises down the road.
  • Above the ground, our 100% LEED accredited technical staff is well-versed in all environmental regulations, like stormwater management requirements including the Chesapeake Bay Critical Protection area, and can handle all requirements and community outreach associated with these environmental considerations.
  • Finally, we can draw on our experience with urban design review boards to provide designs that will meet not just codes and regulations, but those intangibles that can often impact whether a project is approved or delayed.

Our projects exemplify our standards for urban design, contextually fitting into their neighborhoods and providing practical solutions to common city challenges while still delivering modern and beautiful results.

If you’re ready to learn more about our work and approach, we welcome you to explore our portfolio or contact us today.

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